Some of our favourite verbs include: creating, consulting, sourcing, licensing, and collaborating. Maybe your agency is looking for someone to take all audio concerns off your hands. Maybe you are looking for experts to collaborate on projects that have audio elements. Maybe your agency wants an easy way to add "Audio Branding" to your list of services. Angelfish Sound works with marketing and branding agencies to fulfill any sonic needs. 


Angelfish Sound will create a memorable sonic image of your company to enhance your brand. We will sculpt the entire sonic world of your business: audio logos, production music, sound design, and beyond. Whatever your sonic needs, our team can help you discover your company’s voice. 


  • Audio Branding Audits
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Licensing and Clearing
  • Audio for Mobile Apps
  • Virtual Reality Audio
  • Web Audio
  • Production Music/Composition
  • Internal Company Music and Audio
  • Soundscape Design
  • Sound Design
  • Public and Retail